100 Days; 100 Words: Debra

I am very impressed with President Barack Obama. Wanting the job of president, knowing the many outstanding negative issues that he would inherit, says a lot about his integrity, his intelligence and his confidence. Being the president in good times is no easy task. Being president, who happens to be black, in these very tough and uncertain times makes it that much more difficult.

I like the fact that with the name Obama, there is NO mistaking that he IS a Black Man! And a good looking one too. Maybe the positive Obama family with help change the negative stereotypes that so often cloud our African-American family image.

I don’t follow all of the reports as I should; however, I think he’s doing a fine job. I believe God has a plan for President Obama and this country ~ a plan that will open many eyes and surprise us all.

Let us all support President Obama and the decisions he has to make for each and every one of us. After all, we are The United States of America, aren’t we?


100 Days; 100 Words: Renee

Dear President Obama;

Thank you for 100 good days. I mean genuinely good days, they’d hold up as such even if they hadn’t followed 2,922 really horrible days. I believe again. You’ve signed orders to close Gitmo, and to expand medical research, and a law supporting equal wages for women. And that was just January. I believe your economic plan is sound and compassionate. Now please help me believe that there will be justice for our war criminals. I believe in the possibility of America again. I don’t believe I can thank you enough for that. To believe – how joyous.

100 Days; 100 Words: Leonie

One hundred may be just a number
But our country was in a slumber

Until the president with a heart of gold
Got into the seat and went on a roll

He lifted the ban on a bill or two
Plants to close Gitmo, which is long overdue

Encouraged women by signing a bill
For equal pay, which gave them a thrill

Warned the scums that they’d better fly right
But told the rest of the nation that he is on our side

Thrilled ALL of Europe with his brains and charm
With lovely Michelle by his side

Go, President…