talks & conferences


March 28 • 4:00 pm
Gipson Institute for 18th-Century Studies • Lehigh University
“I have no master”: Marriage and/as The Transatlantic Slave Trade



February 23
Five College Global Cultures of the Nineteenth Century

Mount Holyoke College
March 13

University of Missouri
April 18

Hunter College, CUNY


August 7- 11

Digital Pedagogy Lab

September 19 and 20

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

October 25

University of North Texas

October 26- 29

International Conference on Romanticism

November 14

Keynote: Mellon Conference on Diversity and Inclusion

Queens College, CUNY

November 17

Roundtable National Women’s Studies Association

Moderator: Chris Cynn (VCU) Panel: Eve Dunbar (Vassar), Mel Michelle Lewis (St. Mary’s), Ashley Lucas (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)

February 17 (postponed)

Five College Global Cultures of the Nineteenth Century

Mount Holyoke College



December 2

Written/Unwritten Book Event

Barnard College


November 18

“Scholars and Editors on Social Media”

AAUP (live stream)


March 8

“Lessons from the Collection: Written/Unwritten in Theory and Practice”University of California, Merced. Faculty Senate Committee on Diversity and Equity.


November 17

“Reading Percy through Mary: Intersectional Politics in Prometheus Unbound and Valperga

Unbinding Prometheus Project . University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6:00 PM Skyline Seminar Room. Van Pelt Dietrich Library Center.

November 12

Sneak Peek: “Pride and Prejudice”

Kasser Theater • Upper Balcony


June 25-27

British Women Writers Conference

The Graduate Center CUNY

“Belle” in Context/ “Belle” in the Classroom:

Female Sentimentality, Sugar, and British Abolitionist Literature

May 21-22

Women’s History in the Digital World

Bryn Mawr College

“Seeing Gender, Seeing Race: White Women, People of Color, and British Abolition: 1790-1830”

March 2 (postponed)

Yale University

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

“The Pedagogy of Diversity”


September 25-28

International Conference on Romanticism

“Sick Texts and Female Conduct: Medical Discourse and Disease in Romantic-era Fiction”

April 8

Montclair State University

In Conversation with Ayad Akhtar and Fawzia Afzal-Khan

March 26-29

College Language Association

“Roundtable Confessions of the Black Academic”



November 7

Montclair State University

Let’s Talk Race (panelist)

Speaking Silence Creative Writing Collective

July 22-23


Feminism, Race, and Connections (facilitator)

June 4-6

2013 Summer Seminar in Literary and Cultural Studies (participant)

Romantic Science and the Romantic Imagination

April 12

Rutgers British Studies Center

“Debunking Phrenology: Mary Shelley’s Valperga and the Management of the Interior”

April 11-13

Interdisciplinary Conference on Race

“Written/Unwritten: Myths of Meritocracy and Diversity”

April 4-6

British Women Writers Conference

“Slave Metaphors, Canonical and Non: The Woman of Colour, A Tale and Mansfield Park“

March 16

“Speaking Silence: Race, Racism, and Feminism in the Academy”

THATCamp East


March 13

‘won’t you celebrate with me’–Feminism for Everybody

Centenary College of Louisiana

Women’s History Month Lecture


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