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Serving Tea for a Cause“. Lapham’s Quarterly (2018)

“On Teaching, but Not Loving, Jane Austen”. The Atlantic (2017)

“What Is Faculty Diversity Worth to a University?” The Atlantic (2016)

“Teaching While Black”  The New Inquiry (2014)

Novel Prospects: Teaching Romantic-era Fiction Special Issue: Romantic Pedagogy Commons (co-edited with Miriam L. Wallace) (2007)

journal articles

‘bewtween star shine and clay’ on the Promise and Perils of Social Media
CLA Journal (2016)

“Here on the Margins: My Academic Home”
( 2015)

 “Abolitionist Prose”
The Encyclopedia of Romantic Literature (2012)

“The Ideology of the Mermaid: Children’s Literature in the Intro to Theory Course” (with Jonathan Greenberg)
Pedagogy (2009)

“Genre Shifts and Corporeal Lessons in Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda”
Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies ( 2008)

“Biography and Mary Wollstonecraft in Adeline Mowbray and Valperga
Women’s Writing (2007)

“The Job I Wanted to Get”
ADE Bulletin (2007)

book reviews

Presumed Incompetent: Women of Color in Academe
Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society  (2015)

Bad Feminist
The New Inquiry (2014)

Mentoring Faculty of Color for Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
The Western Journal of Black Studies. (2014)

“Selena” (by Mary Tighe)
Keats-Shelley Journal

The Woman of Colour, A Tale
Romantic Circles (

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