The Jane Smith of Guantanomo

On the Brian Lehrer show this morning, a former Guantanamo Bay guard gave an interview that made me want to pull my (own) hair out. I feel I should start with laying out my pro-military credentials. My dad is a retired Vietnam Vet, my favorite ex-boyfriend (I was THRILLED when he found a nice woman to marry) was an Air Force pilot, and I have a deep respect for those who commit their lives to serve their country in this most dangerous way. Having said that, Jane Smith could be a poster child for all that is wrong with the modern military. It’s not just that she’s not terribly bright, though that was particularly depressing, it was the Fox-news lingo she used when talking about her time as a military guard. Judge for yourself:

The documentary that features her airs on Sunday


One thought on “The Jane Smith of Guantanomo”

  1. Dear Brian Lehrer … I saw the documentary Natgeo and really was touching and chilling. I think the sergeant Jane Smith is a sort of heroine of our times. Being with terrorists like to think that a woman must have been something really creepy!. I want to extend my congratulations for their courage and greetings to her. Andrew Altamirano.Salta Argentina.

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