Inauguration Looks

Dan Quayle looked bloated

Jimmy Carter looked ready to go and build a house

Barbara Bush looked fit enough to complete the Bataan Death March…in one day.

Bill Clinton looked furious.

Dick Cheney looked like the love child of Mr. Burns and Dr. Strangelove

Michelle Obama looked like a Faberge egg in green gloves, a fabulous Faberge egg…

Joe Lewis looked dignified.

Rick Warren looked…well, all I could see was his homophobia, so I couldn’t tell you how he looked.

Aretha Franklin looked like she thought the size of the bow on her hat should be as expansive as her…voice (don’t be tacky, people).

Yo-Yo Ma looked like he was having a blast. Itzhak Perlman looked distracted.

Barack looked startled when neither he nor the chief justice could get the oath right

Malia looked pleased, “Good speech,” she told her father when he returned to his seat.

Elizabeth Alexander looked terrified but fabulous in red. One wonders why the inaugural poem could not have been a haiku—now that would have taken skill.

Reverend Joseph Lowery looked wonderful.