Home sweet home

I’ve skipped a whole month of writing…anything. I have a good excuse. Really. See, my finances came together in a pretty terrific way (shocking in this economy, I know!), and I found this rather fabulous apartment the first weekend in June. So instead of moving in the dead of winter as I originally planned, I moved in the middle of a wet, hot summer…while teaching a summer course…and trying to put two book proposals together.

But I really couldn’t help it. What would you do if you found a two-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors and a tiled bathroom on the top (fourth) floor of a building on a tree-lined street in funky Clinton Hill? And what if this apartment also had a dishwasher? And it was a mere block from the subway. And it was less than you planned to pay? And the building superintendent pronounced you his first choice and announced that there will be a BBQ in your honor after you move in? Wouldn’t you drop everything, pack up your stuff, and move?

I’m all unpacked, and so, although the place is not all set up, I’ll be writing again very soon. I’ve much to tell about my new digs, my new neighborhood, and the joys of having a fire escape. I’ve got lots to say about Gates-Gate, “Mad Men,” and why it’s anti-Christian to oppose health care reform. I’ve giggled myself silly over Hillary’s Angry Black Woman moment (that’s the only way to describe it) somewhere In Africa.

So much writing, and now I’ve got a room of my own to do it in! More soon.


One thought on “Home sweet home”

  1. B-R-O-O-K-L-Y-N.

    You are having too much fun. Therefore, your next assignment is to bring the Dodgers back.

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