I WANT MY MARY!!! (progress??)

As I posted a few months ago, fans of the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” were about to be cheated by 20th Century Fox and Amazon. People began to complain and some people even wrote to the New York Times about it.

It seems we’re making progress.

According to some guy I’ve never heard of, on a site I never visit, some progress has been made in getting the last three seasons of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” According to the report, “No official reason was given for the change, but the main reason SEEMS to be that fans who already own the first four season sets didn’t want to feel pushed into re-buying them to get the remaining three seasons; they wanted Seasons 5-7 issued individually.”

I’m going to assume this is true, that we’re going to win.

Now the only question is when the fifth season will be released. I. just. can’t. wait.


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